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19 October 2017

TAC urges drivers and riders to look out for each other on the roads

TAC urges drivers and riders to look out for each other on the roads

The Transport Accident Commission is reminding drivers and motorcycle riders to look out for each other on the roads, with rider numbers set to increase sharply during the coming warmer months.

So far this year 30 motorcycle riders have died on Victorian roads, compared with 44 at the same time in 2016.

Last year, 56 motorcyclists (all male) died in crashes on Victorian roads, the highest number of motorcyclist lives lost since 2002.

Despite this year’s reduction, TAC Road Safety Lead Director Samantha Cockfield said motorcycle riders continued to be over-represented in road fatalities.

“We are coming into the time of year when the number of riders on Victorian roads increases sharply and with that, the risk of crashes involving motorcycle riders is higher,” Ms Cockfield said.

“Tragically we saw a spike in people dying in motorcycle crashes on Victorian roads last year and, while numbers are down this year compared with 2016, too many people are being killed in motorcycle crashes.”

The TAC this month re-launched its motorcycle safety campaign Driver think rider – Rider think driver, encouraging riders and drivers to share responsibility for keeping each other safe.

The campaign coincides with this weekend’s Moto GP at Phillip Island, which will see thousands of motorcyclists on the roads to and from the island.

The TAC also has a strong presence at the Moto GP, encouraging riders onto bikes with the best safety features, such as ABS, and ensuring they wear all the right protective gear.

“When the unexpected happens, riders wearing the correct protective gear have a better chance of avoiding serious injuries, and motorcycles with safety technologies like ABS braking have a better chance of avoiding a crash altogether,” Ms Cockfield said.

“It is critical that drivers are always on the lookout for motorcycles and riders can help by ensuring they are visible to drivers through correct road positioning.”

Moto GP legends Garry McCoy, Randy Mamola and Franco Uncini will lend their voices to motorcycle road safety at the TAC’s Spokes trackside lounge across the weekend at Phillip Island.

The TAC is urging everyone traveling to and from Phillip Island this weekend to take their time and plan ahead. A free Pit Stop Driver Reviver will operate at Tooradin between 5pm and 10pm Sunday.

For more details on our campaign visit ‘Driver think rider – Rider think Driver, and for more information about the TAC’s presence at MotoGP click here.

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