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Great Ocean Road

Enjoy one of the most breathtaking and famous roads in Australia while you make your way down the coast.


Lorne to Apollo Bay




45 km

Great Ocean Road - Route details image

Ride detail

Although the road continues for hundreds of kilometres, this particular section has the most awe-inspiring surroundings, making for an unforgettable ride.

“Huge cliffs and beautiful green mountains ascend on the other side of the road and give the impression that you’re riding at the world’s edge.”

You’re sharing the road with tourist cars and buses. Car numbers increase on weekends, especially during summer. Tourists may drive slowly.

Ride tips

  • Other traffic

    Cars may pull in slowly from lookout stops along the ride.

  • Corners

    Certain corners have radiuses which decrease unexpectedly and need caution.

Rides and recommendations

Long touring rides can be demanding, particularly in difficult weather, so it's worth having regular breaks. It's also worthwhile giving your motorbike the once-over before you leave home or getting someone in the know to do it for you. Checking the weather will help determine the gear to take with you.

Tight corners and traffic

The best rides for motorbikes are popular with tourists. Be wary on tight corners because oncoming traffic is likely.

Centre lines

Take a wide line until you see through each corner and keep your head well within your side of the centre line.

Forest rides

Watch out for slippery moss between car tyre marks and for loose stones on winding roads with gravel road shoulders.

If you're injured

Call an ambulance if you're injured. The TAC covers all classes of registered motorbikes, including injuries that occur off-road.


  • Watch for rock slides, loose gravel, oil, diesel, water across the road and wildlife.
  • When cornering, the most important factor is to enter at a safe speed.
  • Be prepared to judge a safe speed entering extreme road cambers, double apexes and double back corners.
  • If you accelerate into, or brake late into a corner, you may not recover from the error.

Plan ahead, even if it’s just a chat with fellow riders about rest spots, a weather check and a pre-ride check of your bike. If you’re riding alone, always let someone know your plan.

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