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Motorcycle Helmets

A motorbike helmet is one of the easiest accessories to choose. Shop new and get proof the helmet meets Australian standards. A bit of colour for visibility and a full face design with a flip visor are practical choices.  All helmets featured are CE certified, and are officially marked as complying with the Australian Standard 1698 or ECE 22.05.

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New and vintage style helmets
01 - Crash impact zones

Front and sides of helmets matter most

Full face styles are designed to protect the brain, face and jaw, because the majority of crash impacts are to the front or sides. Open face helmets protect the brain but not the face and jaw. A helmet fits when your cheeks are snug against the interior. A rider of vintage bikes, who wanted a retro looking helmet, designed the lid shown top left. It’s strong, but lightweight.

Helmet silver with black viser
02 - Visibility

No compromises on the line of sight

A well designed flip or visor won’t reduce your ability to see what’s happening next to the bike. Visors must also comply with the appropriate standards for motorbike riding. Clear lenses are more versatile because tinted lenses are not suitable for night riding.

Helmet blue and white with detail view of helmet crown
03 - Ventilation

Airflow is key

The body heat we release from our heads can make wearing a helmet uncomfortable on hot days. Shop around for the combination of vents that open and close to suit you. Vents substantially reduce the temperature inside a helmet, but some vents may increase noise. Earplugs can help if noise is an issue.

High visibility helmet
04 - Being seen

People struggle to see dark helmets

A dark coloured helmet blends into the background, whereas a design with light colours increases the chances of being seen. Hi Viz helmets work hard at being seen, day in, day out. Two tone helmets, particularly with white and fluoro colours, are worth considering for all types of riding.

Charley Boorman on helmet shopping

Charley Boorman on helmet shopping

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Buying guide

Finding a helmet that delivers comfort and protection within your budget requires shopping around. If you come off your bike, it’s likely that your helmet will absorb impact to the side and front of your head. A full face or closed helmet gives you protection where it’s needed.

  • 01 Set budgets

    Plan the budget across your whole kit, including gloves, jacket, pants, boots and a helmet. In Australia, all motorbike helmets must carry a sticker to prove they meet the AS 1698 or ECE 22.05 standard, even if you buy them online. Always avoid second hand helmets.

  • 02 Go for fit, not brands

    Ask someone to pull the helmet up and over your head, by lifting it from the back. If it comes off or slips over your eyes, adjust the straps and try again. If it still moves, try a different brand.

  • 03 Check your choice

    Research the helmet’s performance in a crash. More independent advice on the best helmet protection in Australia is available. If the helmet rates poorly, then keep trying on different designs.

  • 04 Mix colours

    The less black on our helmets, the more likely other road users will see us coming. Mixing white/Hi Viz or bright colours with darker colours can help.

  • 05 Maximise your vision

    Invest in a flip visor or motorcycle designed goggles. With your visor down, try holding onto the handlebars and turning your head to check how far round you can see. If you wear prescription glasses, look for a helmet that doesn’t cause pressure or discomfort. Check you can take off or put on glasses without removing you helmet.

  • 06 Control for noise

    Before you buy, check reviews and gather opinions from owners of this helmet on the noise level inside the helmet. Earplugs can offer some protection against permanent hearing damage and can help prevent wind noise from being distracting and tiring.

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