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Get to the MotoGP™️
October 25-27

Ready Your Ride
Pre-ride Checks
Spokes Lounge
Spokes Expo Stand
People of the MotoGP™️


It’s time for motorcycles, mates and adrenaline-filled memories at the Pramac Generac Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix 2019. It’s Spokes’ privilege to share in the excitement of this iconic motorcycle event, which this year will see the world’s best battle it out from October 25-27. We’d love to meet you there. We’ll have our Spokes Lounge and stand set up - ready for you to score freebies, merch and safe riding tips for your next adventure.

MotoGP 2019, motorbikes, spokes
Heading to the Island?

Ready Your Ride

Plan your journey by securing your spot on public transport now. Catch a coach, regional bus, ferry or even charter your own helicopter flight. If you’re travelling by bike or car, access to the circuit is via Citylink or Eastlink tollways, Monash Freeway, South Gippsland Highway, Bass Highway to Anderson or Phillip Island Tourist Road across to Phillip Island. Signs mark the route from the Monash Freeway to the circuit, and show you where to park. If you’re lucky enough to be making the pilgrimage by moto, get the crew together to tick off these final touches.


Pre-ride Checks

MotoGP 2019, motorbikes, spokes, smooth ride


Prep for peak performance. Check tyre pressure and thread, make sure brakes apply fully, test your chain’s tension and check lights, mirrors and controls.

MotoGP 2019, motorbikes, spokes, pit stops


You want to arrive rested and grandstand-ready. Plan breaks at least every two hours so you stay alert. Grab a coffee, have a stretch, admire your paint work

MotoGP 2019, motorbikes, spokes, In style, Protective Gear


Adjust your ride style to suit changing road or weather conditions. Slow down, increase the distance between other road users and wear bright gear to stay seen.

MotoGP 2019, motorbikes, spokes, keep control, braking


The road is different to the race track. In an emergency, ABS steps in so you stay in control. It’s your ultimate riding companion for your trek to the track.

MotoGP 2019, motorbikes, spokes, spokes lounge
Spokes at the track


Don’t miss the action unfolding off the track at the Spokes Lounge. Drop in from 8am-6pm daily for stellar trackside views, free merch, coffee and info on the latest gear and road safety tips. When they’re not battling it out, the world’s best riders will be talking track on our Spokes Entertainment Stage.

MotoGP 2019, motorbikes, spokes, spokes expo stand
Spokes at the track

Spokes Expo Stand

The Spokes stand will also be set up at the MotoGP Expo from 8am daily. Swing by for boots and gloves vouchers, tickets to the legends breakfast and your shot at a Spokes Club pass. It’s bound to be a big weekend, so make sure you’re right to ride home. Grab a free breatho off one of our roaming breath testers before heading off.

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