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Check out these seven motorbikes to help you choose one that matches your needs and your ability.

Motorbikes, gear, spokes, protective gear
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Motorbikes, gear, spokes, protective gear, bike, standard
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Naked bikes are related to sport bikes, but the mechanicals are visible and you ride in a more comfortable, upright position. These versatile bikes are manoeuvrable in city traffic and park in tight spaces. Fuel and maintenance costs are relatively low. All new models now come with ABS as standard.

Motorbikes, gear, spokes, protective gear, bike, LAMS
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At the Learner Permit stage, and in the first 3-4 years of holding your motorbike licence (3 years for those who previously held a full drivers licence), you can only ride bikes listed on the Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS). On the list are bikes with engine capacities less than 660cc and a power-to-weight ratio less than 150 kilowatts per tonne. Bikes on this list can be more forgiving to help make learning to ride safer - reducing the risk of an accident during the learner phase. To check what bikes you are permitted to ride, enter a motorbike’s registration into this VicRoads tool.

Motorbikes, gear, spokes, protective gear, bike, standard
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With visible mechanicals and an upright ride, naked bikes are about style and comfort. This model combines exhilarating four-cylinder engine performance with light, versatile, refined handling. These versatile bikes are manoeuvrable in city traffic and park in tight spaces. Fuel and maintenance costs are relatively low. All new models now come with ABS as standard.

Scooter and moped motorcycle rider information and safety  tips from TAC in Australia. This Vespa GTS 300 Super Sport FL is a LAMS motorbike for learners
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Being lighter, more manoeuvrable and cheaper to run puts the motor scooter and moped into a distinct category of motorbike. Scooter riders often ride in the city with traffic and can find themselves acting quickly to avoid a crash - ABS is an asset when this happens - but protective gear is still essential. Stow away your day-wear with ease in the under-seat storage. See the best protective gear here.

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Open highways and long distances call for the comforts of touring bikes, offering large tanks, ample storage and safety features such as traction control, ABS and cruise control. Tourers suit riders who prefer an upright position and can manage a large, weighty machine. Tourers also typically offer extra storage and a more comfortable second seat for your pillion passenger. Hybrid sport tourers and on-off-road/dual tourers are becoming popular.

Best street cruiser motorcycle and motorbike types with ABS for safety on roads in Australia. This is a Harley Davidson VRSCDX Nightrod Special
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The long and low design of a classic cruiser is built for riding distances; however, the structure takes some getting used to. Heavier cruisers are best suited to experienced riders, while smaller cruisers can make excellent learner bikes. Low seating is more comfortable on longer rides and ideal for urban riding too, as you don't need to stretch to reach the ground when stopped. Upright seating is another big benefit - it gives you the best view of traffic, and gives traffic the best view of you.

Best motorcycle and motorbike types for off road and dual adventure riding in Australia. This is a KTM 1050 Adventure bike with ABS braking
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Trail riding calls for skills in bike handling and quick decision-making, even though you’re not dealing with traffic. Dual-purpose bikes or adventure bikes can have the tyres and switchable ABS to handle both road riding and off-road riding. Choosing the right style of bike and knowing where to ride are essentials for keeping safe and having fun. Find more info on where you can ride, interactive maps and riding groups at DEECA here.


Go for it

Choose your bike based on comfort while riding, its weight, storage options and safety technologies.

Motorbikes, bikes, spokes

Tech check

Find out if the model offers the added benefits of ABS, linked brakes, Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC) and traction control.

Motorcycle gear, boots

Get the gear

Before a bike seduces you completely, make sure you factor good quality riding gear into your budget.

Motorbikes, bikes, spokes

Training top up

If you’re returning to riding after a break, plan some refresher training before heading out on the road.


Go for it

Choose a bike based on its fit with your needs, rather than choosing by brand. Read real reviews online.

Motorbikes, bikes, spokes

Get the feel

Each bike handles differently. Use caution when riding someone else’s bike and more so if you’re on unfamiliar roads.

Motorbikes, bikes, gear

Check up

Get a mechanical check. Check the bike’s registration status with VicRoads and against the Personal Properties Security register.

Motorbikes, bikes, spokes

Training top up

If you’ve had a break from riding, go to a training provider and use training days to bring back your skills.



The right bike technologies, like ABS, help keep you safe in an emergency. ABS senses a locked wheel and adjusts the brakes to stop the bike without skidding.

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Maintenance is key to keeping your motorbike running smoothly. Check over your bike at home regularly, and take it to an expert for an in-depth tune up.

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Pre-ride Checks

Even if your bike is pretty new, it’s a good idea to check out its condition before each ride. Refer to a handy checklist that includes brakes, tyres and lights.

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