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Spokes is a website for motorbike riders with information on protective clothing,rider safety, events, latest news and great rides in Victoria. Spokes is part of the Transport Accident Commission's (TAC's) commitment to helping reduce death and serious injury on Victoria's roads.


Motorbikes don't protect riders like cars protect drivers, so it is crucial motorcycle and scooter riders wear protective clothing like motorcycle boots to increase their level of safety while on the road. Boots covering the foot and ankle help protect riders from nerve and open wound injuries which can include flesh wounds, traumatic amputations, burns, blood vessel damage and superficial injuries. Find out more about boots

Protective clothing

Nobody ever plans to come off their bike, yet each year hundreds of Victorian motorcyclists are involved in road crashes.
Protective clothing can help reduce the severity of injuries if you crash, and here you'll find information on each piece of armour that you need to help save your skin.

Protective Clothing

The Perfect Ride

Every time we head out for a ride we are hopping for the perfect ride.

We have put together some videos to help make your next ride the perfect ride.

Other riders have also shared their knowledge to help us put together a riders tips section with advice form fellow riders

The Perfect ride tutorials
Latest campaign

Latest campaign

Check out our motorcycle safety campaigns The TAC's claims data highlighted the peak times for motorcycle crashes requiring hospitalisation, With this knowledge, the TAC developed a campaign to encourage Victorian recreational motorcyclists to manage their personal risk, providing them with strategies and positive behaviour demonstrations to assist in reducing their level of risk and ultimately, personal harm.

The Latest

  • 24 Feb

    Double the risk for motorcyclists who shun boots

    Motorcyclists without boots stand almost double the chance of receiving lower-leg open wounds in a crash, new Transport Accident Commission research has found.

  • 08 Feb

    Find safe motorbikes

    Finding a safe ride to reduce your risk of injury is vital so, if you're in the market for a new bike, you can check out it's safety features using the VicRoads motorbike safety search.

The Latest