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10 January 2020

What sort of crashes happened on our roads in 2019?

Forty four riders tragically died in 2019, which surpassed the 38 deaths in 2018.

Most were licensed to ride, not under the influence of drugs or alcohol and involved in a solo crash. Most were men over 40 simply enjoying a scenic ride on country roads.

They may have been riders just like you.

Here’s what we know about the crashes:

No other vehicles involved. In 20 of the fatal crashes there was no other vehicle involved.

Loss of control. The vast majority of crashes appear to be linked with a rider’s loss of control.

High speed. Many crashes occurred on roads with a speed limit of 100km/h or 110 km/h. In some other crashes, speed led to a loss of control.

Victorian motorcyclists. Most people were Victorian residents, and most held a motorcycle licence.

Solo riders. Most people were riding solo when they crashed.

Age group. The majority were aged over 40 years old. Many of the riders were 50 years old or over.

Safety barriers. Flexible wire barriers were not a factor in any of the fatalities. A traditional guardrail was involved in two fatalities.

Other factors. Lack of helmet use and lack of ABS are noted as contributing factors in a small number of deaths.

It’s times like these the Spokes community rallies together.

Let’s look out for each other, particularly our mates who don’t ride often.

You can also share free resources like the videos in the links below.

Because there’s a lot riding on how we ride.


Perfect Ride Campaign

Before the Ride

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Perfect Ride Campaign

Coastal Riding

Coastal roads can attract tourists and holiday makers. Many are unfamiliar with the surroundings and therefore their behaviour may be unpredictable.

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