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Jimmy Goode

I am the founder of Kustom Kommune, Australia’s first dedicated DIY motorcycle workshop, and I started the Oil Stained Brain annual moto-exhibition. It’s now attracting more than 4500 people each year


  • Gear rundown

    At the very least, I always wear Kevlar jeans, a leather jacket, leather gloves, and of course a helmet.

  • Longer rides

    On longer distance rides, I wear a heavy leather jacket with armour, gauntlet gloves and heavy, high top leather boots

  • Custom bikes

    I’ve built custom bikes for the likes of Harley Davidson Australia. I’d like to share best practices and help give other people the right tools for the job.

  • Bike checks

    I make sure my bike is in great shape and do regular checks on the brakes, fluids, chain and tyres.