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Motorcycle Events

In Victoria we enjoy hosting some of Australia’s iconic motorbike events, and the SPOKES team is proud to support three biggies. Visit the SPOKES team at the MotoGP, World Superbikes or Moto Expo, and you could walk away with freebies and useful tips.

Spokes also holds competitions throughout the year
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Pramac Generac Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix 2019 I 25 - 27 October

Spokes hosts some of Australia’s iconic motorbike events including a long-term partnership with the MotoGP.  

Each year we set up a Spokes lounge and stand where you can grab freebies, enter competitions and find out useful tips on riding safely.

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Champion racer Kevin Magee on mastering the open road

Kevin Magee talks to SPOKES about mastering safer cornering and gives riders tips on how to do a good pre-ride motorbike check before heading out on the open road.

Geoff's story

A graduate of different motorcycles, family man Geoff shares his passion for riding, his past motorbike loves, and his attitude towards road safety


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